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CAPE STUDIES – The Sunny Side of Learning English

Cape Studies is one of the most established English language schools in Cape Town. It’s doors first opened in Green Point, a very lively and interesting suburb of Cape Town, in 1995.

Over the years, Cape Studies has created a professional yet friendly atmosphere for their students, which sets it apart from the other language schools. The classes are dynamic, intimate, with a maximum of eight students in a classroom, and multi-cultural, with students from all over the world: Europe, Africa, South America and Asia.

Last year the school was thrilled to have been shortlisted again as one of the best language school in the Southern Hemisphere 2009 (Language Travel Magazine). It offers all the standard levels of English from beginners to advance, as well as preparation courses for different examinations. Cape Studies ensures that students achieve their language aims at the high standards it sets. Therefore, the team is well prepared to offer students a high standard of service and professional education during their time with them. It also enriches their social understanding by encouraging them to participate in the unique community project, Apple Brigade, where underprivileged children meet with our language students.

Cape Studies is proud to be located in Cape Town, in contrast to many English language learning destinations around the world. Cape Town is a cosmopolitan city with everything to offer – spectacular views, breathtaking beaches, history, beautiful landscape, Mediterranean climate, good food & wine which contribute both to its easy-going lifestyle and affordability.

Cape Town is definitely a special place to be. It combines the light, colours and sound of Africa with the colonial heritage of Europe, and Arab-Asian influence.  In Cape Town, the “world is (quite literally) your oyster” as there is so much to explore, making each day an unforgettable experience. Staff and students love the city and want to share it with you! CAPE STUDIES – THE SUNNY SIDE OF LEARNING ENGLISH

For more information about Cape Studies:
Email: info@capestudies.com
Web: www.capestudies.com
Blog: www.capestudies.wordpress.com

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Ardmore Language Schools specialise in junior educational travel in UK, USA and Canada

Ardmore Language Schools specialise in junior educational travel for students from 9 years – 17 years old. Our courses focus on English language, activities and cultural programmes. With 16 residential and home stay summer centres across the U.K,  3 residential schools in the U.S and 1 in Canada, can offer a programme to suit all students’ exact requirements. All courses will focus on improving student’s English language whilst offering them an international and cultural experience within a safe and fun environment. English courses are based on the communicative approach to learning English. Students are able to practice fluency skills through a variety of fun and stimulating activities. Lessons are enjoyable, interactive and are designed to help improve not only knowledge of English but also confidence in using the language. Ardmore’s English Plus Sports courses (Horse Riding, Golf, Tennis, Basketball) help to focus student’s use of English by offering them 8 hours per week of professional sports coaching with English coaches. This helps students to develop their sports skills and also improves their language abilities as they have to listen and talk to their coaches about the sports sessions in English. All of our sports courses are international so it ensures students are always using English to interact and make friends with students from many other nationalities.

For individual and group quotes please contact info@businessprojects.us

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Choosing the Right Language School

When choosing a language school ask yourself what is the main objective of the program you aim to attend, that will allow you to narrow down the course options. Besides learning about a new culture and way of life, speaking fluently, and educating yourself what is your objective?
– Prepare for school.
– Increase the chances of a better job.
– Enjoy tourism abroad.
– Increase personal satisfaction and broaden your scope of knowledge.

Considering a recognized language school to gain foreign language skills and speak a new language fluently can help supplement your occupation and educational goals as well as offer new experiences. Selecting the right program is a careful process in which a Study Abroad Advisor can be of great help to evaluate factors
and compare schools as well as to assist you with application, admission and travel arrangements procedures.
Some of the factors you should take into account are:
– Location and nationality mix.
– Tuition fee and cost of living.
– Size of the school and it’s classes
– Choosing between a Private Language School or a University
– Access to facilities such as language lab and library.
– Accreditations of the school and qualifications of the teachers.

There are hundreds of Language schools and each may offer a variety of language programs. It is important to choose the right language school that suits your needs.

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