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Discover the pleasures of Mexican cuisine while immersing yourself in its true flavors.

Allow Mexico Soul and Essence offer you a one of a kind experience when you participate in a Cultural or Walking Tours; you can also enjoy a route especially made for you. Whether your interest is in gastronomy, art or history, Ruth Alegria founder of Mexico Soul and Essence and a knowledgeable and skilled team can organize a memorable experience for you which will allow you to learn about Mexican roots, customs, traditions and way of life.

Active member of the International Association of Culinary Professionals – IACP, the James Beard Foundation and Slow Food, Ruth Alegria resides in Mexico City, a city she knows in detail in every way. Festivals, restaurants, markets, handcraft shopping, culinary classes, you name it and Ruth will lead you to an exceptional time.

Mexico Soul and Essence has toured with journalists like Wall Street Journal, Associated Press, Vancouver Sun, NY TIMES, TV and Radio Shows and an international magazine correspondents. Enjoy this review by radio journalist Lynne Rossetto Kasper about her recent visit to Mexico City and tour of Jamaican Market in company of Ruth Alegria.

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Tours and activities are available to the public in general. I find them of particular benefit to international students living in Mexico and who are enrolled in Spanish language courses or any other type of academic course.  Spending time enjoyably connected to the language you are learning is the best way to learn it and to become familiar with your environment and tours guided in Spanish are a way to achieve this. They make a wonderful component of any holiday as well.

So take a look at the variety of tours and activities of Mexico Soul and Essence and consider taking part in one or more next time you are in Mexico.

Walking Tours: “Tours – walking tours of Mexico City for a day or a week. — Culinary– Mercado a cocina –Market to Kitchen. Spend the day shopping for ingredients at a local market, learning about the foods that nourish the soul as well as the body. Then on to prepare the days menu under the guidance of professional chefs who will highlight the cultural origins of the ingredients. Markets to shop at: Mercado de La Merced, Tianguis del Martes in Condesa, Mercado de San Juan, Mercado de Coyoacan. With lesson and lunch at El Tajin. Kitchens to cook in Margarita de Salinas and Letty Alexander, some of the most prestigious chefs in Mexico. Restaurant Dining Adventures of Mexican prehispanic, traditional and nouvelle cuisine at Hostería de Santo Domingo, El Cardenal, Cantina La Opera, El Bajio, Izote, Pujol and others.”

“Wow, Ruth! You’re a dream. Thanks SO much for taking the time to spell put your thoughts and experiences for me. I’ll let you know what our final decisions are.”

Chef Rick Bayless of Frontera Grill

Cultural Tours: “Cultural – Stroll though Chapultepec Park and Castillo de Chapultepec, with stops at the Modern Art Museum, Rufino Tamayo Museum and the National Anthropology Museum. An alternate is the Centro Historic/ Zocalo with the National Palace and the Secretaria de Educacion Publica building, home of some of the most important murals of Diego Rivera, the Templo Mayor Museum, the Jose Luis Cuevas Museum, with the San Carlos School of Art – first school of art in the New Spain-, here leading Mexican artists have studied and taught.Going a few streets west we visit the National Museum of Art, the Mudéjar architectural gem that is the Post Office building, Palacio de Bellas Artes (with its unique galleries and Tiffany curtain), Franz Mayer Museum and the Alameda Park. Other alternatives are walks through downtown Coyoacan and or Xochimilco.”

Festivals: “For every season in Mexico, there is a celebration whose main focus is the cuisine and rituals of that place and time. Join with the people and communities who celebrate and preserve their culinary traditions.”


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