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Initiation to wine tasting: Discovery of the wines from the Languedoc-Roussillon region

When? October 18th through October 22nd, 2010

Where? Montpellier, France

Take the opportunity to improve your French skills while discovering one of the most beautiful wine regions in France! You will be immersed in a friendly and authentic French atmosphere to discover an area and taste 100% Languedoc wines.

The French language course takes place daily from 9h30 to 12h45 and offers in total 20 lessons per week.
Initiation to wine tasting and discovery of wines:
The Languedoc-Roussillon region of France possesses the largest vineyards in the world, stretching from the Rhone river to the Spanish border. Its geographical and geological diversity means there is a vast range of different soils, different climate and some surprising blends of grape varieties that make for truly unique wines.

Come discover the varieties of flavor characterizing the wines of this region participating in 3 sessions of 3 hours taught by a confirmed wine expert. You will discover the region and the pleasure of tasting 100% Languedoc wines, while learning an established method of wine tasting taught in a spirit of openness and conviviality.

1st session: Making wine is easy!

2nd session: The various designations in the Languedoc

3rd session: Vocabulary of wine: learn how to put words to feelings – how to choose the best bottle to go with a particular dish.
During each session, you will taste 2 or 3 wines from our region. Materials are provided (tasting glass, “crachoir”, file).

A “Vinorally” in the historic centre of Montpellier : 3 winegrowers, 3 places, 3 Atmospheres.
A walk through the historic streets of Montpellier, with three stops to taste wine and meet a winemaker. Included is a historic account of the “quarter” plus enigmas with wine as the theme. This evening walk is a way to discover Montpellier’s historic heritage and meet winemakers from the region. They will share their passion and their wine while the chef will serve some specialties to go with the wine.

A visit to a vineyard: On the last day you will go on a guided tour of a vineyard and wine cellar in the company of the winemaker.

1st stop: You will be welcomed by the winemaker who will show you around his domain and will tell you the secrets of his wine.

2nd stop: Visit of the wine cellar and of the wine storehouse.

3rd stop: Wine tasting. You will be invited to taste the wine in the wine cellar, thus sharing the pleasure of tasting the wine in the very place it was created.

You will be accompanied all the way by your wine teacher and will get to the domain by minibus with driver.

This interactive service based on exchanges and direct contact with specialists in the field of wines will allow you discover the major Languedoc wines in a unique environment.

The approach is based both on passion for imparting our knowledge experience and dedication to meeting our clients’ demands.

Whether you are an amateur or a wine epicurean, you will take great pleasure in this Languedoc wine tasting experience. The passion we have for our wines helps us to impart this experience. The winemakers and the wine become the real “stars” on this journey.

For more information click HERE

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Digital Food Photography in Siena, Italy

When? October 11th through October 16th

Where? Siena, Italy


Art and Cooking is an International Center of Language, Art, Culinary and Italian Culture in Siena. It was founded in Siena in 1979 and since that time, it has welcome students of a wide range of nationalities and all ages. The School has been officially authorized by the Italian Ministry of Education. Since 1990, it represents the Siena Committee of the nonprofit cultural organization Societa Dante Alighieri. Founded in Rome in 1889, it’s aim is to promote and sustain the knowledge of Italian language and culture throughout the world.

View of Siena
Effort and dedication has been put into the design and promotion of this very unique course which combines Italian Culture lessons, Tuscan Culinary and Food Photography lectures and workshops.
Digital Food Photography: A professional food photographer will showcase his food photography workshop that will take your photography skills and love of food to another level. During the workshop, he will teach you the fundamentals of food photography  and will include exposure, lighting, food and prop styling and different composition techniques which will greatly advance your food photography.  Topics to be discussed include: Lighting set-ups for studio and location shooting, camera and lighting equipment and post-production skills.
Photo By: Alessandro Guerani

Food Styling: In understanding how to style food, participants will work with a professional food stylist so they can actually see unstyled and styled food “through the lens of the camera” and understand the impact of an artfully-styled plate. Various tools, tricks, and techniques used in food styling will be covered. Your styled work will also be photographed professionally so you can see how your newly acquired skills greatly enhance your food images. Participants will also be able to photograph their work.
Gastronomy: This part of the program will develop the participant’s attitudes to their optimum potential and gives them a professional approach to Tuscan cuisine. The courses foresee culinary sessions at professional level for different food areas. Emphasis is put not only on the preparation of a wide variety of versatile dishes, but also on the study and use of essential extras such as wine, spices and olive oil. The cooking sessions are the perfect combination for the Food Styling and Food Photography, some sessions will be combined to offer the utmost of this experience.

Highlights of the Program:
• Italian Culinary classes with professional Chefs
• Lecture/workshop on Digital Food Photography (includes PhotoSafari in Siena and Florence)
• All Italian language levels available.
• A fascinating program of educational and sightseeing visits to places of interest such as a vineyard, wine cellar, local food market are included in the course, as is the participation in a social activity program
• Available One to One Photo Critique & Tips, Private Digital Photography Tutoring and Portfolio Build and Review. (Additional fees apply).

With Social and Extracurricular Activities USD $2,040
Without Social and Extracurricular Activities USD $1,637

– Registration
– Classes
– Workshops
– Daily lunch

Accommodation ranges from 150 Euros per week (homestay with daily breakfast) to 750 Euros per week Hotel without meals.

To book your course please RSVP here or email:

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Asian Feastival

September 6, 2010
12:00 – 5:00 PM
Sheraton LaGuardia East | Flushing, New York

Asian Feastival is a one-day culinary festival and tasting event celebrating local, authentic Asian cuisines in Queens. Feastival goers will have the chance to see, taste and appreciate the diverse culinary landscape of Queens all in one place.

Curating a select group of Asian restaurants representing the best in the borough, Asian Feastival brings together a kaleidoscope of regional specialties ranging from piping hot Shanghainese soup dumplings and char grilled Thai satay to crisp Malaysian roti canai dipped in spicy curry.

In addition to the tasting, there will be a variety of programs for those interested in learning more from the culinary experts. Programs will include moderated panel discussions, cooking demos, an on-site Asian farmer’s market, a food bike tour, and a guided culinary tour of Flushing.

I discovered Long Island City while looking for a venue for Chili Crab Festival in 2006. I practically fell in love with LIC at that moment, charmed by the magnificent river view from Gantry Park with the sun slowly setting over the Manhattan skyline. A year later, our family moved into a new condo in this neighborhood, leaving behind the bucolic Westchester suburban landscape. We officially became residents of Queens. Soon, I found many outstanding places to eat and shop, and became a de facto ambassador of our diverse borough, bringing chefs and food loving friends to eat authentic Asian cuisine and shop at the array of Asian markets found throughout the borough.

Asian Feastival is my vision of sharing these wonderful discoveries with more food enthusiasts: those who asked me which brand of fish sauce to buy, what is this funny looking fruit, where to have a Korean meal in the middle of the night, which place has great dim sum or where to enjoy the best Shanghainese soup dumplings. I do not have all the answers, but my large group of experts participating in the various programs will.”  Wendy Chan, Producer

Panelists and Presenters: Click Here

Schedule: Click Here

To buy your ticket: Click Here

For more information: You can contact Veronica Chan, Asian Feastival Assistant Producer, Writer and Photographer


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Cape Studies – Helping Hands

Join Cape Studies Language School for a weekend in Stanford (2 hours outside of Cape Town) and help them make a difference by assisting in the vegetable garden, painting and renovating buildings while interacting with the underprivileged children of this community.

Friday afternoon: Drive to Stanford, check into accommodation, introduction to project and dinner.

Saturday: Work in the township for underprivileged children, BBQ in the evening.

Sunday Morning: Optional activities ~ Shark Cage Diving R 1300, Quad Biking R 350, Horse Riding R 300

Sunday Afternoon: Drive back to Cape Town

WHEN: 31. July – 01. August 2010
MEETING POINT: School @ 15h30 pm
COST: R 350 pp. This amount will be donated to Food 4 Thought ~ Pre-Primary School Project
INCLUDES: Transportation, accommodation and food
For more information please contact:

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English & Photography Program in New York City – Featuring Johnna Brynn Bockover

Johnna Brynn Bockover is an international photographer who has been invited to teach a series of set of Photography Workshops at Language Studies International – New York as part of the unique opportunity English and Photography Program which will take place from September 13th through October 1st, 2010.

I am that all or nothing type of person, so I love what I do and do it with all of my         heart. I believe in capturing the essence of a person, and sometimes that means            capturing the part they may have yet to see. I believe I am on this earth to give,            encourage and call forth destinies and sometimes that is by way of an image. And sometimes, my clients discover who they were meant to be, after seeing a photo I captured of them.”

Portrait & Interiors Photography: A general overview on portrait and architectural interiors photography will be given showing examples of photos and how to go about shooting this type of photography.

Lighting, composition, location scouting and various other factors to take into account will be explained as well as general camera and lighting techniques.

Landscape and Exterior Photography: A general overview on landscape and architectural exterior photography will be given showing examples of photos and how to go about shooting this type of photography. Perspective, composition and various other factors to take into account will be explained in this course.

Events and Leisure Photography: This will be mainly a hands-on course  in which the students will be taken to an event to photograph and walk through the streets of Manhattan taking photos.

In all courses, students will be encouraged to shoot pictures. Pointers will be given before, during and after the shoots on how to better one’s imagery and photographic skills.

For more information you can contact:

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CAPE STUDIES – The Sunny Side of Learning English

Cape Studies is one of the most established English language schools in Cape Town. It’s doors first opened in Green Point, a very lively and interesting suburb of Cape Town, in 1995.

Over the years, Cape Studies has created a professional yet friendly atmosphere for their students, which sets it apart from the other language schools. The classes are dynamic, intimate, with a maximum of eight students in a classroom, and multi-cultural, with students from all over the world: Europe, Africa, South America and Asia.

Last year the school was thrilled to have been shortlisted again as one of the best language school in the Southern Hemisphere 2009 (Language Travel Magazine). It offers all the standard levels of English from beginners to advance, as well as preparation courses for different examinations. Cape Studies ensures that students achieve their language aims at the high standards it sets. Therefore, the team is well prepared to offer students a high standard of service and professional education during their time with them. It also enriches their social understanding by encouraging them to participate in the unique community project, Apple Brigade, where underprivileged children meet with our language students.

Cape Studies is proud to be located in Cape Town, in contrast to many English language learning destinations around the world. Cape Town is a cosmopolitan city with everything to offer – spectacular views, breathtaking beaches, history, beautiful landscape, Mediterranean climate, good food & wine which contribute both to its easy-going lifestyle and affordability.

Cape Town is definitely a special place to be. It combines the light, colours and sound of Africa with the colonial heritage of Europe, and Arab-Asian influence.  In Cape Town, the “world is (quite literally) your oyster” as there is so much to explore, making each day an unforgettable experience. Staff and students love the city and want to share it with you! CAPE STUDIES – THE SUNNY SIDE OF LEARNING ENGLISH

For more information about Cape Studies:

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Burgundy School of Business – Inventing the Future for 110 years

Founded in 1899, Burgundy School of Business is a leading teaching and research school belonging to the network of top French academic institutions in management.

Programs in Management in English, keeping in close contact with French students? Burgundy School of Business offers 8 Master’s degrees and 1 Bachelor’s in Management taught in French or in English, accredited by the Conférences des Grandes Ecoles and open to French and international students.

An international experience? BSB has a long tradition of welcoming international students: its international community represents 30% of students representing 46 nationalities. 35% of our faculty is composed by international professors and BSB welcomes 60 visiting professors from 15 countries.

An excellent location in the heart of Europe? Enjoy studying in one of the best preserved historic centers with beautiful architecture, very close to main European cities.

A chance to improve your French language skills? BSB wants to help you integrate into French society, that’s why it offers free French language classes for you.

Outstanding faculty with academic and professional backgrounds? 76% of the professors hold or are completing a PhD, and the majority of the institution’s professors are researchers, guaranteeing accurate and up-to-date knowledge in management.

High quality education combining theory and practice? You will put into practice the theory through case studies, group works, or consultancy projects for BSB’s partner enterprises.

A rich social and cultural life? A range of dynamic clubs and societies, recreation facilities and evening events on offer.

Personalized attention to students? Small size classes, close follow-up of your learning and progresses, comprehensive support by the International Relations Office, availability of professors and staff are the guarantee of a successful experience in BSB.

Close contacts with the corporate world? Meet with experts and consultants from the business world, and gain professional experience through work placement in France or abroad.

Effective career guidance and placement? Our Corporate Relations Office developed a network of 1100 national and international partner companies and strives to provide many work placements and employment opportunities.

This is what Burgundy School of Business will offer you…and much more!

For more information:

Klaudia TWAROG – International Development Manager, Postgraduate Programmes

Tel. +(33) (0)3 80 72 58 73 / Fax. +(33) (0)3 80 72 58 65

Visit the new Website :


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