Mia Anzola is a result oriented Business Consultant focused on the development of business growth opportunities by identifying business leads, generating marketing & advertising materials, coordinating promotional campaigns and creating viable business plans to promote the growth of your start-up company or ongoing business project. As a project leader, Mia is able to take ideas from conception to execution maintaining projects under cost and delivering a finished product on a timely basis. 

Among her projects, Mia has worked closely with educators, graphic designers, photographers and chefs and other professionals to broaden their professional scope, identify opportunities to expand their services and widen their market base. Her projects bring attention to your talent opening endless possibilities for growth.

Mia has successfully promoted Study Abroad Programs (Language Courses, Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs, Executive Training, Company Visits, Continued Education) for various international institutions. Mia’s experience in the educational field, working closely with various schools and institutions internationally, has allowed her to present a diversity of educational programs that enrich the lives of many students and prepares them for brighter futures.