Asian Feastival

September 6, 2010
12:00 – 5:00 PM
Sheraton LaGuardia East | Flushing, New York

Asian Feastival is a one-day culinary festival and tasting event celebrating local, authentic Asian cuisines in Queens. Feastival goers will have the chance to see, taste and appreciate the diverse culinary landscape of Queens all in one place.

Curating a select group of Asian restaurants representing the best in the borough, Asian Feastival brings together a kaleidoscope of regional specialties ranging from piping hot Shanghainese soup dumplings and char grilled Thai satay to crisp Malaysian roti canai dipped in spicy curry.

In addition to the tasting, there will be a variety of programs for those interested in learning more from the culinary experts. Programs will include moderated panel discussions, cooking demos, an on-site Asian farmer’s market, a food bike tour, and a guided culinary tour of Flushing.

I discovered Long Island City while looking for a venue for Chili Crab Festival in 2006. I practically fell in love with LIC at that moment, charmed by the magnificent river view from Gantry Park with the sun slowly setting over the Manhattan skyline. A year later, our family moved into a new condo in this neighborhood, leaving behind the bucolic Westchester suburban landscape. We officially became residents of Queens. Soon, I found many outstanding places to eat and shop, and became a de facto ambassador of our diverse borough, bringing chefs and food loving friends to eat authentic Asian cuisine and shop at the array of Asian markets found throughout the borough.

Asian Feastival is my vision of sharing these wonderful discoveries with more food enthusiasts: those who asked me which brand of fish sauce to buy, what is this funny looking fruit, where to have a Korean meal in the middle of the night, which place has great dim sum or where to enjoy the best Shanghainese soup dumplings. I do not have all the answers, but my large group of experts participating in the various programs will.”  Wendy Chan, Producer

Panelists and Presenters: Click Here

Schedule: Click Here

To buy your ticket: Click Here

For more information: You can contact Veronica Chan, Asian Feastival Assistant Producer, Writer and Photographer


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2 responses to “Asian Feastival

  1. Brian Fairtile

    Hi Mia,

    This is minutes from where I use to live in Astoria. I also lived in Flushing and know the markets there very well. Fortunately I have a very good Asian Market here in Richmond Va so I don’t miss Flushing as much as I might have if I didn’t have a good market here. This is the first chance I’ve had to look at your blog and I really like it.


  2. Hi Brian: Thank you for your comments. I am happy to hear from you. The “Asian Feastival” 2010 was a very successful event. I had the opportunity to witness the the promotion and dedication of its organizer Mrs. Wendy Chan and her daughter. Its is great that you have Market close, good you get Asian ingredients near by.

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